Thanks to a most creative person, "Amy Queen of Toyes" for coming up
with this. PLEASE DO listen to this short MP3 sound sample -- the
harp sounds wonderful.
Click here to hear this Aeolian Harp.

Here's an excerpt from Amy's comments about the instrument: "... You may set it in a doorway, hall, or out in the alley or garden. Wherever the wind will reach it, the wind will play it. It was simple to make. A six foot length of four inch ABS, bits of hardware, scraps of hardwood, and some shark-weight fishing line. It has sixteen strings in the round, all tuned to the same pitch, except for one string, which rests on an octave bridge, dividing it into two notes, each an octave higher. Each string generates multiple notes, rising in thirds and fifths as the windspeed increases. The number of strings increases the overall volume, and having them on all sides of the instrument guarantees at least half the strings will be sounding at any given time, at any wind direction." "The strings of this harp are tuned to A flat, the pitch at which this instrument's body naturally resonates." The bridges are made of rock maple and are glued on with Elmers Glue-all.

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