The 97 cent K-MART, ready-made DIDJERIDOO.

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LATE PS: Inflation has reared it's ugly head - the price for one of
these tubes now, in Summer, 2000 (about 4 years after the original 
article was written) is up to 99 cents!! Outrageous!

K-MART sporting departments sell a golf-club sheath -- used to protect
clubs that are inserted into golf-bags. These cost 97 cents &
make wonderful didjeridoos when used as is, with no modification!

They even have a metal ring molded into the end that makes a
perfect mouthpiece. 

I have found these things ideal for practicing
circular-breathing as they are of a length & pitch that makes
it particularily easy to maintain a nice tone. I've
experimented a lot with these & two modifications that have
proven useful are: 1) chop one in half & (using HOT tap water
to soften one end) force this softened end over the cold end of 
a full length tube for the distance of two or three inches. 
This creates a longer, lower pitched instrument. 2) Some of the
bigger sporting specialty stores sell various diameters of
golf-tubes -- I found two that telescoped nicely -- this makes
for a great variable-pitched instrument that's excellent for
playing with other instruments.

The tone of these things is surprisingly good & to those of us
who have used them, there's little fault to find with them  
aide of aesthetics!  Can't beat the price. I even keep one in
my car for tooting at red lights (nevermind the stares!)

Dennis Havlena - W8MI


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PS - This is a listing of variant spellings for the instrument:
didjeridoo, didgeridoo, didjeridu, didjeridoo, digeridoo, digeridu