I have the privilege of working with and knowing the finest craftsman 
I've ever met, David Kronberg, formerly of Petoskey and Marquette but 
presently living in Cheboygan, Michigan. Dave's instruments are of 
first rate design and are built with infinite attention to detail.

Dave has produced digitally delivered construction plans containing complete 
large scale "blueprints"/plans for three different models of Hurdy Gurdies. 
I am happy to offer these three plans for sale, on Dave's behalf, here.

The plans for any one of these designs (please specify which) can 
be obtained by sending $25.00 to David directly:

David Kronberg
127 South F Street
Cheboygan, MI 49721

OR via PayPal:

HURDY GURDY PLANS - #1 ("English Hurdy Gurdy")



Thank you
Dennis Havlena

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